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Standley Law Group Celebrates 25 Years!

July 4, 2022

Standley Law Group LLP opened in February, 1994. The firm’s business focus has remained the same since day one. Its business has always been about helping clients with their intellectual property needs, whether that be in the form of patent matters, trademark matters, copyright matters, computer system contracts, and other instances where technology and law intersect. The firm has six paralegals and eleven attorneys plus staff members. Standley Law Group has been a proud resident of the central Ohio area since inception. Its offices are in Dublin. Clients range in size from individual inventors to Fortune 100 companies. Due to the varied scientific backgrounds of each of the firm’s attorneys (including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, software engineers, and biotech), they are able to assist clients in practically all technical fields.

The firm is managed by Managing Partner Jeff Standley and an Executive Committee of attorney partners. Day to day operations are administered by General Manager Trisha Beachy-Bryant. The firm has responsibilities for client matters in the U.S. and approximately one hundred foreign countries, where it helps U.S. based clients obtain foreign protections for their inventions and their brands. Firm litigators have represented clients in Federal and State courts in at least 18 different States.

Over the last 25 years, the firm has been responsible for helping clients obtain and maintain thousands of patents, thousands of trademarks, and hundreds of copyright registrations for its clients. The firm has enjoyed helping many clients with royalty-generating license agreements.

Standley Law Group has been listed as a top IP firm in national magazines, and #1 in patent attorneys in Central Ohio by Business First since 2003. The firm wishes to thank all of its clients and suppliers. What started as a small firm has grown over the years to a medium sized firm. With technological innovation, brand marketing, and overall creativity continuing to be major driving forces in the economy, the future appears bright for IP law and Standley Law Group is well situated to help clients with these needs.

Quote from GM Trisha Beachy-Bryant: “We are so appreciative of reaching this 25 year milestone, and we look forward to continuing to help clients for many years to come.”