Your intellectual property may be your most valuable asset.
We protect it.

Our Approach

In 5 Simple Steps - Standley Law Group can protect "what's next" for your big idea

The Spark

1. Great ideas start with an initial spark of genius. From napkin sketches to scientific diagrams to music lyrics - clients come to us with creative concepts they want to protect.


2. We listen intently to our clients and make sure that we fully understand their unique, individual vision, creative work and future goals.


3. Once our dedicated team of experts has developed a deep understanding of the client's creative concept, we then help these clients transform the idea into something that can be protected under intellectual property law.


4. Now that we have established a protectable idea with the client, we need to determine whether patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret protection, or a combination of protections, can be used to protect the client's interests.


5. As a final step, we work with the client to prepare and file all of the required documents with the appropriate agencies or offices. In most cases, when the filings are complete, the process of protecting the creative concept is in place and the client can take the "idea" to the next level — commercialization.