Litigation Services

Firm attorneys assist clients with the development and implementation of enforcement and defense litigation strategies for protection of all intellectual property rights.

Advising clients on enforcement of all intellectual property rights and defense against wrongful claims of infringement

Enforcement of Rights

Enforcement of intellectual property rights is an important aspect of any intellectual property protection plan. Failure to enforce intellectual property rights often leads to a loss of rights. Firm attorneys work with clients in developing appropriate enforcement strategies to ensure intellectual property rights are protected and maintained. The appropriate strategy depends upon a number of factors including the client's purpose and objective in enforcing rights. When developing a litigation strategy, our litigation team evaluates the merits of the case, completes a risk assessment, and most importantly, considers the client's risk tolerance to formulate a strategy that meets the client's needs.

Defense Against Claims of Infringement

Defending against claims of intellectual property infringement is a risk that nearly every business today faces. Reliance on sophisticated technology, regardless of the business' primary focus, causes nearly every business to be vulnerable to claims of intellectual property infringement. Firm attorneys work with clients to assess the risks and to develop an appropriate defense strategy. They also apply innovative dispute resolution strategies to minimize the impact on and disruption to the business.

Litigation Team Focus

Clients benefit from our litigation team's wide-ranging experience. Our litigation team has extensive pre-trial, trial, and appellate experience in the federal courts and state courts as applicable in all 50 states. Team members work closely with clients from the beginning of a case until its final resolution and help clients to understand the application of intellectual property law every step of the way. Our litigation team members work efficiently and effectively to address each client's concerns and to reach a satisfactory resolution.