Intellectual Property Valuation Firm in the Columbus, Ohio Area

The Standley Law Group team of lawyers help clients place an economic or monetary value on individual intellectual property assets or entire portfolios.

Valuations and related issues for all types of intellectual property assets

Leveraging Experience and Expertise in Correctly Valuing Intellectual Property

Our attorneys have great experience using various intellectual property valuation methodologies and experts to quantify the value of various digital, software and IP-protected technological assets. Valuations are important for licensing as well as for enforcement and defensive actions. Different valuation methodologies may be applied to determine a reasonable royalty or to quantify an appropriate measure of damages or amount of lost profits.

IP Valuations Can Benefit Business Planning in Areas such as:

  • Research & Development Currently In-Process
  • Licensing & Transfer of IP
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Intellectual Property Holding Company Formation Considerations & Implementation

The Various Methods of Intellectual Property Valuation

Litigation Method

This course of action allows the courts to determine the value through intensive litigation. This process can be more expensive than the other options listed below, but it creates a concrete precedent and hard copy of protection for your technology well into the future.

Cost Method

This method starts by calculating the sum of all costs, including overhead, materials, testing, labor and patenting. It requires no reflection of market potential, but it also doesn't allow you to calculate opportunity costs. The hard facts that you receive don't take into account potential profits lost.

Income Method

This process best calculates future incomes brought in by the intellectual property in question. It is based on predictions and assumed risks. Unless you have previously established hard facts and figures, this method is not optimal for technology infringement lawsuits, especially newer products and services.

Market Method

The market method relies heavily on comparisons to related products, but the assumption of a patented product or service is that it must be unique, so comparison can be difficult to calculate. This process takes into account how much other companies have paid and lost for similar products.