Computer Law

Computer and Software Attorneys in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Standley Law Group lawyers advise clients on the use of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret laws to best protect computer-related inventions from infringement, unfair competition and other legal usage concerns. We also help defend clients from software infringement accusations and employment-related IP issues.

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How a Computer Law Attorney Can Help Protect Intellectual Property

With the donning of the digital age, the protection of creative intellectual property has become a major cause for concern. Computer hardware and software components may be protected by patents, computer programs and software can be protected by copyrights, while logos for various software brands can be secured by proper trademarking. Where things get particularly complicated is through the digital dissemination of intellectual property and copyrighted materials via the Internet. With the help of an experienced computer law attorney, you can rest assured knowing that your ideas, inventions and products are properly protected and any infringement can be pursued legally, that you are adequately informed of any issues that might arise in the future, and how to effectively manage risks involved in your industry.

What Software Can I Protect?

Various digital properties and ideas that might be legally protectable under U.S. patent or a U.S. copyright include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Image Processors & Editing Tools
  • Gaming Systems
  • Data Encryption Tools
  • Audio Compressions & Formats
  • Image Compressions & Formats
  • Digital Algorithms
  • Telecommunication Devices
  • Search Engine Advertising Tools
  • Communication Protocols
  • Data Mining & Analysis Architecture
  • Computer Processing Architecture

Legal Software Infringement Protection

Our team of lawyers advise clients on trademark and copyright issues related to the Internet, ecommerce and other digital marketing efforts. Standley Law Group attorneys also advise and defend clients against allegations of software patent infringement and copyright infringement related to use of legally-protected software, including enterprise licensing and uses implicating fair use considerations.

The DMCA & Other Software Protection Policies

Clients are advised on issues regarding the use of open source software, Creative Commons licensing regimes, and the general application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, along with other methods to avoid infringement allegations related to the use of third party software. Our attorneys prepare software development agreements and licensing agreements, while assisting clients with negotiations of these contracts.