Columbus, Ohio Area Copyright Law Attorneys

The copyright attorneys of Standley Law Group advise clients on issues regarding copyrightable subject matter, copyright protection for original works of authorship and the complete legal registration process to properly protect a product or service for the marketplace.

Registration services for books, music, artwork, computer programs and other authorship works, enforcement and defense

How to Get a Copyright

Most commonly used to protect music, film, visual arts and software-based intellectual property, copyright registration is a crucial step in securing creative content that can be displayed on a tangible medium and prevent copying. The attorneys at Standley Law Group are experienced in copyrighting books, music, artworks, computer programs and architectural works, among many other less rountine creative works.

What Can Be Copyrighted?

  • Musical Works (Lyrics Included)
  • Theatrical & Dramatic Works
  • Graphics & Pictures
  • Sculptures
  • Sound Recordings
  • Literary Works
  • Architectural Designs & Works
  • Other unique creative works

What Cannot Be Copyrighted?

  • Fashion, Accessories & Other "Useful Articles"
  • Colloquial Expressions
  • Non-taped Choreographic Performances
  • Recipes, Prescriptions & Formulas
  • Common Knowledge
  • Brand Names, Slogans & Catchphrases (See Trademarks)

U.S. Copyright Registration

Our firm assists clients with obtaining registrations for a variety of applicable properties. The Standley Law Group attorneys also walk clients through the licensing and transfers involved in the copyright process.

Licensing, Litigation and Legal Copyright Enforcement

Our attorneys assist with the licensing of exclusive rights for copyright owners and the transfer of copyrights to other parties. For clients that want to enforce their copyright interests or have been accused of copyright infringement, our lawyers provide related litigation and pre-litigation services.

The Effect of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The rising popularity of bitTorrent websites, digital streams and file sharing networks has opened up an array of avenues for potential copyright infringement and piracy. However, with the introduction of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) came a new era of digital protection for intellectual properties. Our attorneys are experienced in DMCA law and will leverage that knowledge to further protect your creative properties or help you respond to take-down notices received from other copyright holders.