Intellectual Property License in Columbus, Ohio

The experienced licensing attorneys at Standley Law Group have drafted, reviewed and revised numerous license agreements covering a wide variety of rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how.

Licensing strategies and agreements for all types of intellectual property, royalty generation and assignment

Why Obtain a Licensing Agreement

Licensing rights in a trademark, patent or copyright can be a time-consuming task, so by the time you get to this stage, your patience may be running thin. However, licensing your brand, invention or creative intellectual property is crucial to submitting your product, services and brand name to the marketplace. Proper licensing protects your core intangible assets without transferring ownership rights to any other company or individual. By covering all of your bases and drafting ideal usage conditions, you can be sure that the overall quality and integrity of your brand is legally upheld. Alternatively, you may require access to the protected intellectual property asset of another party. In either case, our lawyers can help you in establishing a fruitful legal relationship to further your business objectives.

Key Components of a Licensing Agreement

Obtaining licensing for your intellectual property can take several months to complete when done properly. Some agreements are intricate, complex and require in-depth situational terms of usage, while others are simple blanket contracts that cover the basics of an intellectual property license.

The basic components that may be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Scope of the Agreement
  • Territorial Restrictions
  • Royalty Rates & Calculations
  • Guarantees of Minimum Sales
  • Time Schedules & Market Dates
  • Total Length of Contract
  • Various Renewal Options for Licensees
  • Monitoring & Quality Control Rights
  • Minimum Inventory Amounts
  • Returns & Allowances

Our Industry Experience

At Standley Law Group our team of attorneys is seasoned in the field of licensing agreements, royalty contracts and other brand and technology usage guarantees. We have successfully guided many licensees and licensors to prosperous business relationships. Our lawyers are ready to protect your intellectual properties, brands, creative works, ideas and inventions.